About Us

GPRL is emerging as a leading builder of renewable energy projects, Due to our team’s proven Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) capabilities.

About GPRL Energy.

With the increasing sensitivity towards Eco System & Hike in rates of electricity, people have started switching towards Renewable energy solutions to reduce consumption of electricity & Fossil Fuel. 

GPRL ENERGY is pioneer in offering its clients value added and cost efficient solutions. Our company specializes in conceptual design, supply, installation, commission, maintenance & services of Solar photovoltaic, Concentrated Solar Thermal, Bio Gas & Bio CNG Plants.

Our unrivaled experience and resources has enabled us an unmatched reputation for quality Roof top Solar Systems, Bio Gas, Bio CNG & thermal systems.

Our Mission

To promote Renewable Energy.

Our Vision

To Setup 50+ Hydrogen Solar Power Plants in India.

Our Services

We design build Solar PV plants, Solar Thermal plants, Bio CNG plants and H2 from Solar Energy.

Solar PV System

Installing solar panels is a smart investment that saves home and Commercial owners thousands on electricity costs and increases your Property value.

Concentrated Solar Thermal

Concentrated Solar thermal energy (STE) is a technology for harnessing solar energy to generate thermal energy for use in industry, and in the residential and commercial sectors.

Bio Gas & Bio CNG Plants

Bio CNG is produced by purifying Biogas to Methane and then compressing the same to fill in bottles. We produce entire system from Biogas plants to Bio CNG.

Hydrogen Plant

Green Hydrogen is produced by splitting water by electrolysis. Solar PV plant is used to power electrolyser to produce Hydrogen & Oxygen.

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